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CONGRATULATIONS, AMY: Katherine, a photographer with a history of self-harm, gathers with friends at an island cabin. As she rekindles her relationship with her best friend Amy, she struggles to cope with the guilt of a shameful secret. 

VINAR (Vintner): A Croatian language horror film about an emotionally haunted fine wine collector who takes over a deserted vineyard in Dalmatia. As he struggles to come to terms with the losses in his life, strange and terrifying things begin to happen on the isolated property. 

AGATHA MID-MARCH: Dark comedy about an aging artist in a rut who develops a strange sleep disorder that causes her to sculpt in her sleep. As she regains momentum in her career, she realizes it’s at the cost of her sanity.

EARLY BLOOMER: After an encounter with her father’s mistress, a young girl misguidedly tries to gain understanding of adulthood by pursuing a relationship with her older sister’s TA.


COUPLED: A realistic portrayal of young love, the half hour comedy follows two early- twenties couples and their struggles with monogamy. When one couple breaks up but agrees to stay friends, they all struggle to navigate the new dynamic and are forced to confront the fact that first love doesn't always last.


SAD CLOWN:The pilot of an anthology series, 21st CENTURY LONELY, SAD CLOWN follows two teenaged best friends on a Friday night. It’s a realist comedic meditation on depression, female friendship, and adolescent expectations vs. reality.

SAD BARBIE: The comedic series follows Barbara - known as Barbie - a charming, outspoken, passionate and chronically depressed teenager as she navigates friendship, family, her last year of high school, and the twists and turns of mental illness. 

BACHELOR PARTY: An experimental short film about desire, trauma, and shallow connection. Bachelor Party is a visceral and uncomfortable depiction of two ill-fated strangers and their encounter over the course of an evening.

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